Druid Epic Checklist
To Begin
Talk to Telin Darkforest, receive worn note
Give note to Faelin Bloodbriar, receive Faelin’s ring
Give ring to Giz X’Tin, receive dark metal coin
Give coin to Telin Darkforest, receive worn metal coin
Give the worn coin to Athele to start spawning Dark Elf Corruptor, loot Fleshbound Tome
Give Fleshbound Tome to Athele, receive Earthstained note.
Give Earthstained note to Ella Foodcrafter, receive shiny tin bowl
Hardened Mixture
Forage Chilled Tundra Root in Everfrost Peaks
Forage Sweetened Mudroot from Misty Thicket
Forage Speckled Moldy Mushrooms from Innothule Swamp
Forage Heartfruit from Greater Faydark
Combine all four items in the shiny tin bowl to create the Hardened Mixture
The Runed Bowl
Ancient Pattern
Receive Crushed Pot from Alrik Farsight.
Give crushed pot to Farios Elianos, receive Grocery List
Give grocery list to Merchant Nora, receive Bag of Provisions
Bring bag of provisions to Farios Elianos, receive Receipt
Give Alrik Farsight the receipt, receive an Ancient Pattern
Platinum Speckled Powder
Forage a Rose of Firiona in Firiona Vie
Give rose to Merdan Fleetwood, receive an Old Wooden Painting
Give painting to the human skeleton, receive a Silver Chained Locket
Give locket to Niera Farbreeze, receive Platinum Speckled Powder
Enchanted Clay
Kill Black Reaver, loot Jade Reaver
Give Kinlo Strongarm the jade reaver and receive Enchanted Clay
Rune Crested Bowl
Combine the ancient pattern, platinum speckled powder, and enchanted clay in any pottery wheel to create the Rune Crested Bowl
The Stones
Softly Glowing Stone
Give Ella Foodcrafter the Rune Crested Bowl and Hardened Mixture, receive the softly glowing stone.
Pulsing Green Stone
Kill the spawned Venril Sathir and loot the Pulsing Green Stone
Warmly Glowing Stone and the Elaborate Scimitar
Give the Pulsing Green Stone and Softly Glowing Stone to Foloal Stormforest, receive the Warmly Glowing Stone
Give the warmly glowing stone to Ella and receive the Elaborate Scimitar
Cleansed Spirit of Antonica
Kill Corrupted Mammoth, loot a Chunk of Tundra
Kill Corrupted Aqua Goblin Shaman, loot Clean Lakewater
Kill Corrupted Hill Giant, loot an Ancient Rock
Hand the rock, lake water and tundra to the Withered Treant, receive a Treant heart
Give Yeka Las the Treant heart, receive Cleansed Spirit of Antonica
Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer
Kill Corrupted Seahorse, loot Kedge Cave Crystals
Kill Corrupted Seafury Cyclops, loot Ocean of Tears Seavines
Kill Corrupted Brownie, loot Green Heartwood Branch
Hand the crystals, sea vines, and branch to the Pained Unicorn, receive Gleaming Unicorn Horn
Hand the Gleaming Unicorn Horn to the gnome Silox Azrix in Ak'Anon to get the Cleansed Spirit of Faydwer
Cleansed Spirit of Kunark
Kill Ulump Puljuk, loot Froglok Essence
Kill the Corrupted Gorilla, loot the Green Tree Bark
Kill the Corrupted Deepwater Barracuda and loot the pure lake water
Kill the spawned Faydedar and loot the Pod of Seawater
Hand the Froglok Essence, Pod of Seawater, Green Tree Bark and Pure Lakewater to Nekexin Virulence to get the Cleansed Spirit of Kunark

Nature Walker’s Scimitar!
Give the Elaborate Scimitar and cleansed spirits to Xanuusus the Treant to receive the Nature Walker’s Scimitar.