Less3D's  How to:

Install and use TEAMSPEAK



Windows Download Now
Teamspeak 2 Win32 Client (RC2)
size: 5.8 MB




House of Bob

First Install TEAMSPEAK on your computer

Load TEAMSPEAK and go to Connection then Connect
Under the "Local Address book" tab:
Right click on the word "+Servers" and click "Add Server"



Enter the information on the right as follows:
Label: = House of Bob
Server Address: = houseofbob.net
Nickname = Your character name
Uncheck = "Allow server to assign a nick name"
Check = "log in anonymously"
Server Password = leave blank
Check = "Auto-Reconnect"
Just Leave blank the 3 channel feilds





Then Click Connect

Then when you connect, you just have to click connect.
All the information should stay saved.



Sound Setup


HOW TO: make sure your microphone is setup:

Click on:  Settings

Then: Sound Input/Output settings

make sure you select  Push to talk

and then click the SET button 

Press the key on your keyboard or mouse  you want to use as your talk button. 


Now you only talk when you are pressing that key or button