How to use Trueshot Longbow for cheep Fletching Skill ups from 202 to 235

You need to get some (#) of  items for each combind (# * Number of combinds u want to attempt)
(1) Spiderling Silk = Drops off  from Spiderlings from lots of different zones

(1) Wooden Shards = Drops off Treants in South Karana
Travel to West Freeport and give Jyle Windshots  a small lantern (non-stackable),  and he gives you 1 Wooden Shards. (the Jyle you want is in West Freeport) he is located in the Building by the brew barrel

(2) Micro Servo = Drops off  rogue Clockworks and runaway clockworks in Steamfont. (No Drop)

(2) Dwarven Wire (no Drop) = Give Tratnor Everhot 2 Tumpy Tonics (unstacked) he gives you 1 Dwarven Wire  
(Tratnor Everhot wanders between the forge building and Brew barrel in North Kaladim)

[]Trantor Everhot says 'Hey!! Only one?!!'
[]Trantor Everhot says 'Great!! I did not have the time to get down to Irontoe's today. Here. Like I said. A spool of dwarven wire. Now go away. I ain't sharing these tonics.'
[]Your faction standing with Storm Guard got better
[]Your faction standing with Kazon Stormhammer got better.
[]Your faction standing with Miners Guild 249 got better.
[]Your faction standing with Merchants of Kaladim got better.
[]Your faction standing with Craknek Warriors got worse.
[]You gain experience!!

(4) Tumpy Tonic = Give 1 Kiola Nut + 1 Water Flask to Tumpy Irontoe (in South Kaladim in a Building by the arena) and he gives you 1 Tumpy Tonic
or Tumpy Tonic =  Combind in a Brew Barrel: 1 Kiola Nut + 1 Water Flask = Tumpy Tonic (Trivial 135)

(4) Kiola Nut (non-stackable) = Found at Sister island from Cleonae Kalen  in Ocean of Tears
Go to the Butcherblock docks and talk with Translocater Fithop to "travel to ocean of tears" the shop is immediately ahead of you. by the dockW
Find: Cleonae Kalen she sells Kiola Nuts for 1.73 Gold She ALSO sells Water Flasks, so might as well pick them up while your their.


Once u have colected your sets of suplys of the above. head to Greater Faydark  for the final combines


Find Maesyn Trueshot in the rangers Guild in Greater Faydear and talk to him. 
[Sat Jan 17 00:38:36 2004] You say, 'i will gather Materials'
[Sat Jan 17 00:38:36 2004] Maesyn Trueshot says 'Take this pack. Go to Kaladim, find Trantor Everhot and ask for dwarven wire. Then go to Freeport to meet Jyle Windshot. Search the inns for him and ask him for treant wood. Then, collect some spiderling silk from spiderlings and finally, in Steamfont, we have the permission of the gnomes to use any micro servos we find while destroying rogue spiders. Combine them all and return the pack to me.'
you get a " Materials Pack" a 4 slot bag from him (the Bag is LORE)

Combine in the bag you get from Maesyn Trueshot : 1 Spiderling Silk + 1 Micro Servo + 1 Wooden Shards + 1 Dwarven Wire

Give the "Pack of Materials" (LORE) back to Maesyn Trueshot.
[] Maesyn Trueshot says 'I shall see that my father gets the materials. I hope this can be of use to you. It will serve as your starting point toward fletching a Trueshot longbow. It is unfortunate that we are unable to enchant the bow to its [next incarnation], but it is still a fine weapon. You do know the [correct components] needed for fletching such a bow, do you not?'
[] Your faction standing with Faydarks Champions could not possibly get any better.
[Sat Jan 17 00:41:21 2004] Your faction standing with King Tearis Thex could not possibly get any better.
[Sat Jan 17 00:41:21 2004] Your faction standing with Clerics of Tunare could not possibly get any better.
[Sat Jan 17 00:41:21 2004] Your faction standing with Soldiers of Tunare could not possibly get any better.
[Sat Jan 17 00:41:21 2004] Your faction standing with Crushbone Orcs could not possibly get any worse.
[Sat Jan 17 00:41:21 2004] You gain party experience!!
[Sat Jan 17 00:41:21 2004] You receive 11 gold from Maesyn Trueshot.
Maesyn Trueshot Gives you 1 Treant Bow Staff (Lore)

Combind in a Fletching kit:  1 Treant Bow Staff + 1 Planing Tool + 1 Micro Servo + 1 Dwarven Wire. = Trueshot Long Bow (Trivial 235)


Trueshot Longbow 
Archery Atk Delay: 45
Weight: 3.0 Range: 100 Size: LARGE
Classes: RNG
Slot 1: type 4: empty
Ratio: 2.25 Excellent
Comparative Efficiency: 58
Damage Bonus: 13 (lvl 65)

just thought id add this : 

selling them back to an NPC yeailds about 2p to 5p ( if i remember corectly)

turning it in to the Guild tribute leader person yeilds about 225 tribute points. so that might be the way to deal with these things if your making a lot of them