Aerin`Dar Key or (AD KEY) 

This quest, and all loot is found entirely in PoV

NOTE: is is not recommended to skip some chat with these NPC's. For some reason you can not just skip to the end of each section's text. You must do each and every thing here in order. 
skipping around can be the biggest problem for players getting frustrated with this quest not working or just "eating items" and no key to show for it.

If Paralin Notion will not talk with you and ask if you are brave , or stupid THEN you need to talk to other people in the tents and go through there dialog until he Will say this. if not you cant continue. I am not exactly what the trigger mob is yet ... if u find out let me know please Email me

Find Paralin Notion in the tents, kind of  close to the Grave yard, North East from zone out

[Fri Apr 18 14:48:38 2003] You say, 'Hail, Paralin Notion'
[Fri Apr 18 14:48:38 2003] Paralin Notion says 'You're either [brave], or your [stupid].'

[Fri Apr 18 14:48:45 2003] You say, 'i am brave'
[Fri Apr 18 14:48:45 2003] Paralin Notion says 'That you are. Perhaps you'd be interested in helping our [company].'

[Fri Apr 18 14:48:53 2003] You say, 'what company'
[Fri Apr 18 14:48:53 2003] Paralin Notion says 'We're a part of the Battalion of Marr. We're soldiers from Che Virtuson. We were dispatched to this part of the Plane of Valor to eliminate an age old target. Unfortunately, due to some recent events our mission has been placed on hold and our [squad] has been asked to remain behind.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:49:01 2003] You say, 'what squad'
[Fri Apr 18 14:49:01 2003] Paralin Notion says 'We are apart of Ducee Tapferson. Our squad is known for our bravery. We were successful in capturing this [razorfiend] earlier today. You've shown some bravery as well my friend and that is the reason I request your [assistance].'

[Fri Apr 18 14:49:12 2003] You say, 'what assistance'
[Fri Apr 18 14:49:12 2003] Paralin Notion says 'Many of us here are anxious to leave. Many wish to regroup with the rest of our company. Others wish to go back to the Halls to complete the [Trials].'

[Fri Apr 18 14:49:15 2003] You say, 'what Trials'
[Fri Apr 18 14:49:15 2003] Paralin Notion says 'The Trials are overseen by the Heroes of Marr. It's these Trials that allow us to rise in rank. Only those who have passed the trials are able to enter the Temple of Marr. Now if you wish to aid us I must ask you to do a few [things].'

[Fri Apr 18 14:49:21 2003] You say, 'what things'
[Fri Apr 18 14:49:21 2003] Paralin Notion says 'You must find the Master Sergeant and tell him that you are here to aid the cause.'


Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln  is located in the top of the castle near the center of the zone area.

[Fri Apr 18 14:53:06 2003] You say, 'i am here to aid the cause'
[Fri Apr 18 14:53:06 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln looks you over and says in a deep voice 'What could you possibly do to aid our cause. Perhaps you think you can slay [Aerin`Dar] himself?' The Master Sergeant begins to laugh uncontrollably.' I suggest you go back to whoever filled your head with this nonsense and stop wasting my time.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:53:17 2003] You say, 'what aerin`dar'
[Fri Apr 18 14:53:17 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'I don't have time to explain the glass dragon to you. Leave before I get angry.'


[Fri Apr 18 14:54:26 2003] You say, 'Hail, Paralin Notion'
[Fri Apr 18 14:54:26 2003] Paralin Notion says 'I'm sorry the Master Sergeant was unable to help you. Perhaps you should [prove] yourself before you attempt to jump 'into the fire' so to speak.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:54:32 2003] You say, 'prove'
[Fri Apr 18 14:54:32 2003] Paralin Notion says 'We've been running into a lot of problems lately with the razorfiends and the planarian larvae. Many soldiers have been getting sick because of the infestations that they cause. Capture the hearts of a razorfiend, a crystalline spider and a planarian larvae and bring them back to me. Our squad had enough problems capturing this small razorfiend here. This will become your first so called 'Trial' Lessw. It should be enough to prove your worth.'

Give Paralin Notion the 3 hearts now
- A Crystalline Spider's Heart = Drops: off Spiders near the Lever area up top of the north most side of the zone
- A Razorfiend's Heart = Drops: off Razorfiends in the cave area west from zone in
- A Planarian Larvae's Heart = Drops: off Planarian Larvae witch commonly infest the south most area of the zone

[Fri Apr 18 14:55:15 2003] Paralin Notion looks at you with surprise. 'Very good my friend. You've definitely proven yourself. Find the Master Sergeant. He should be able to help you this time.


[Fri Apr 18 14:56:35 2003] You say, 'Hail, Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln'
[Fri Apr 18 14:56:35 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'I heard what you did for Paralin Notion. That's quite a noble feat indeed. Perhaps we can use your help. However, you'll need to talk to the Captain first. After all, I can't have you walking in the [glass lair] without permission.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:56:43 2003] You say, 'what glass lair'
[Fri Apr 18 14:56:43 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'It's the prison that [Aerin`Dar] has been encased in for many generations.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:56:56 2003] You say, 'what aerin`dar'
[Fri Apr 18 14:56:56 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'Aerin`Dar is the crystalline dragon who once roamed the Plane of Valor. During a severe rainstorm it was struck down to the very core of its being. The mighty Aerin`Dar fell from the sky and landed in what is now known as the Glassy Wasteland. Planarian larvae began to infest its body eventually turning its pure heart to evil. Our [company] was dispatched to this region of Valor to eliminate the threat.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:57:08 2003] You say, 'what company'
[Fri Apr 18 14:57:08 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'My squad of men are a part of Che Virtuson. However, we specifically are a part of Ducee Buled. We fall under the command of Captain Ryglot. Our [mission], for the time being, is simple. But we've run into some problems lately.'

[Fri Apr 18 14:57:17 2003] You say, 'what mission'
[Fri Apr 18 14:57:17 2003] Master Sergeant Aaramis Daryln says 'Not so fast, Lessw. You'll have to speak to the Captain about that. I'm not at liberty to divulge that information at this time. That information is classified. I can tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.' Aaramis laughs. 'Go to Captain Ryglot and he'll be able to fill you in with all the details.'


Find Captain Ryglot Cupperhide in one of the other tents in the same tent area as Paralin Notion 


[Fri Apr 18 15:00:04 2003] You say, 'Hail, Captain Ryglot Cupperhide'
[Fri Apr 18 15:00:04 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'I am very [busy] at the moment. Perhaps you should come back at another time Lessw.'

[Fri Apr 18 15:00:14 2003] You say, 'busy?'
[Fri Apr 18 15:00:14 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'I can't go into any great detail, but the Crystalline Globe was taken from our command structure. Its believed to have been separated into three pieces. Unfortunately, we're having a lot of trouble relocating it. Perhaps you'd like to [help].'

[Fri Apr 18 15:00:43 2003] You say, 'i will help'
[Fri Apr 18 15:00:43 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'That's good to hear Lessw. I wish we had more soldiers like yourself willing to help. I'm going to need you to locate the missing pieces of the globe and bring them back to me. After you've acquired the pieces perhaps you'd be able to rally enough people to lend us a hand with another [mission] objective we've been unable to fulfill do to our diminished numbers.'

Quote: I'm going to need you to locate the missing pieces of the globe and bring them back to me.

the missing Pieces he speaks of are all found in PoV and Random rare Drops from...
1 is off of the Skellies West of Zone in before the Cave
1 is found when camping Spiders/ Golum near Lever Camp
1 is off Tree Frogs East of Zone in

[Fri Apr 18 15:00:50 2003] You say, 'what mission'
[Fri Apr 18 15:00:50 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Well, I can't go into any details as to our main purpose is, but one of our missions was to exterminate the crystalline dragon. However, due to our company being split we are unable to go forward with this part of the operation. It has been placed on hold, pending the outcome of the [war].'

[Fri Apr 18 15:00:55 2003] You say, 'what war'
[Fri Apr 18 15:00:55 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Unfortunately, that is one of the things that I'm unable to speak of at this time. However, if you are [willing] to help rally some people together I may be able to release some more information to you.'

[Fri Apr 18 15:01:06 2003] You say, 'i am willing'
[Fri Apr 18 15:01:06 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide says 'Well, that's good to hear. Bring me back what I've requested and we'll talk then.'

Give Captain Ryglot Cupperhide the 3 Globes
- A piece of the crystalline globe 
- A piece of the crystalline globe 
- A piece of the crystalline globe

[Fri Apr 18 15:07:58 2003] Captain Ryglot Cupperhide looks up at you in surprise. 'I can't believe you brought the missing pieces back to me so quickly. I have a team of men who have been looking for these pieces for weeks now. That's quite a feat. Unfortunately, I will be unable to make use of the Crystalline Globe at this time. A message has been dispatched to my platoon asking us to return to the Halls of Honor. It looks as if we'll be joining up with the rest of our company fairly soon. Keep the globe. If you're able to rally enough people together to take on Aerin`Dar then perhaps you'll be able accomplish an objective that our platoon was unable to do. I must go now. Good luck to you Lessw.

You receive...

A Crysyaline Globe

WT: 0.0 Size: TINY
Class: ALL
Race: ALL

This key is NOT sole Bound Nor is it added to your key ring. you must have it in your cursor to use.

Now you can move that leaver to AD's layer and have your exp group pissed and say "QUIT PUSHING THAT ALL THE TIME PLEASE"