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Lessw's EQ UI New UI Skin Page and how to install a UI if you never have

05-01-06 - Got pretty much all the bugs out of the UI now,  just no web space to host it from.
 stay tuned. or email me if u want a copy i'll be happy to email it to u. Less3D @ hotmail . com

1-12-05 - Added a new bag to my UI i like this 1 its a lot better for trade skilling. modified the bank slightly. 

8-01-04 -  i am aware that their are a few minor issues since Gates of Discord was Released 
i am working to make a seamless working UI. but the current UI
does work
i will get the 2 minor bugs out soon though... your feedback and suggestions are also welcome


Web Less3D.com


  •  MAPS, MAPS, MAPS, and more maps. used in game with the mapping window.

  •  EQIM - Download Page - CHAT with people in game even if your not in the Game, or if your at work.

  •  EQ Watcher Evolution - nice program that Says lots of things about EQ while its Running in the background.

  • StoryLine Files - in game quest walkthrough info (VT, VP, Emp, Shawl, BiC quests) ( a MUST have )

Planes of Power:

PoP Planer Progression chart and Alt KEY Quests

PoP Flag Progression BIG Pic - v1.15 Checklist Here

What to Keep from PoP

Secrets of the Planes - Walkthrough 

Yxtta Riddles - answers to open the door

BiCon alakhazam

Dragons of Norrath Merchant List

Deapths of Darkhollow Progression - More info here


EQ Movies Link1 - cool movies
More EQ Movies! 2 - more movies of EQ

Debeo Amicitia - friends Guild
Squirrels StuffFriends page

Eternal Sovereign - My live guild - Forum

House of Bob - Web site and Teamspeak info

Spawn timer Project
Slow Chart
mobs that can and cant be slowed 

Item Lookup - AllaKhazam
Mob Lookup -


Trade Skills: EQ Traders Guide

Baking -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide 
Brewing -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide 
Fishing -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide
Fletching -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide 
Jewelcraft -- Recipes List -- Skill up Guide 
Pottery --  Recipe List -- Skill up Guide
Smithing -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide
Tailoring -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide
Spell Research -- Recipe List -- Skill up Guide
Languages -- Skill up Guide
My 8th 
Coldain Prayer Shall Quest - COMPLETE

Tinkering > www.tinkering.org

EQ Traders - The BEST Trade Skill Page on the net.

Artisin Prize

Alt AA Ability as Hot keys - ** NEW OoW aa **
Velious Quest Gems - where to get them
Velious Armor and Gem List - Velious and Kunark and planer comparisons

Why you should NOT play a necromancer! HaHa

That is a 50 DKP minus! - Some one send me a link that works please thanks

General Links:

EverquestLive.com - the Official EQ web site

AllaKhazam's Magical Realm
- ** good info **
Casters Realm - Good info

EQ Vault
- Good Everquest information

EQ Atlas - Maps of Norath 
EQ Maps - More maps of EQ zones
GU Comics - Funny EQ Humor

NPC Lists -A list of every NPC in Norath, pre-Luclin
ILLIA's EQ Bestiary
- List of mobs are in each Zone

EQ Druids - Good DRUID info
Monkly-Business.- Good MONK info
www.eqdiva.com - Good BARD info
The Magician's Tower - message boards for the Magician class

The Newbie Zone - a message board and site set aside for newbies and those who wish to help them learn about EQ

Lucy - a site dedicated to determining what exactly spells and buffs do --- a MUST see

Magelo.com - EQ Game Character Profiles

EQrankings.com - how do you rank HP, mana, AA, and resist compared with other characters on the same or Different Servers ( use in conjunction with Magelo.com)



I am Lessw 
I now play on the Test Server
my Magelo.com)

a Level 105 Wood-Elf Druid of Tunare.With Druid 
  Epic1.0 Done & Epic1.5 Done & Epic2.0 Done

Bind Wound 210
Forage Maxed
Drinking maxed
* GM Brewer 300 +15% Trophy7 +M3
* GM Baker300 +15% Trophy7 +M3
* GM Potter 300 +15% Trophy7 +M3
* GM Fletcher 300 +15% Trophy7 +M3
* GM Smithing 300 +15% Trophy7 +M3

* GM Tailoring 300 +15% Trophy7 +M3
* GM Jeweler 300 +15% Trophy7 +M3
* GM Resercher 300 +15% Trophy7

Fishing 200

Begging 200
Max Salvage

27 Mastered Languages

Maxed and then some AA's  



Email: Less3D ( if you email me PLEASE have the subject Start with  "Everquest" ) 
I am on most weekdays after 7:00PM CST till about 3 or 4:00AM

To find me you can use " /who all Less " and i am NOT Lessgo or Lesser or Lessdoit or Lesserhite... these people are all Copy Cats

- Lessw will do most trade skill combines if you bring me the stuff  ready to click combine. Rules if u want to get a FREE combine

  1. DO know what the Recipe is, don't make me go look it up for you

  2. DO have the exact name of that you are wanting me to make. ( helps with the New UI )

  3. DO make sure you know where it needs to be made up. ( PoK forge ONLY. or any forge.)

  4. Do NOT make me go hunt for stuff for you. that means even a flask of water. Just look it up first!

  5. If the item Requires Sub Combines, that's cool. Just let me know what all i need to do.

  6. Do NOT ask me a million times to do it. i will try and not be rude but some times i am doing stuff. ( or even a few hundred times.) however asking a few times is cool after all some times i do get side Tracked, or i may forget.


Magelo.com Profiles of  Lessw's characters

Main account 

Room mates playing Secondary Account  my chanter and mules
Lessbig - OoW Mule Indabonds - bard bot + spells Alyah - porter + Forager
Lessd - Research Stuff Kumiyo - Chanter Antar - Naggy & Vox Cleric
Lessforman - Misc Mule Lessc -  Research Stuff Folrona - Necro + Mule
Lessj - Foraged stuff Lesshold - Bazzar Trader Karena - Empty Pally
Lessm - Monk Lessholds - Meat Mule Lamarak - Sky gear Warrior mule
Lesspells - Spells & Gem Mule   Nissa - Main Chanter
Lesstempers - Temper components Mule Lessy - Pelts Vigalance - Porting wench Wizard
Lessw - Main Druid - Moved to Seventh Hammer Server   Xnluuvas - Dougs Necro



Less3D's News:

Back to playing EQ since 2014

working on things now 2016


November 2008 - i Quit playing Everquest now. so no further updates to this page are planned at this time


08-30-06 - MAXED all AA's 

just need to get 30 banked and im totally maxed. Good thing this new expansion is coming out with more aa's

Finished Tomb of new beginnings!

Epic 2.0 Completed!

EPIC 1.5 COMPLETED! - Lessw has his epic 1.5 now!

06-26-05 - Second to last epic 1.5 fight done

ok thanks to my Guild ES now i am 1 final fight from my epic 1.5. we did the earth shaker fight in RSoD with 2 full groups. the fight took almost 20 mins. he was mostly imune to everything spell wise we through on him
so mainly a mele fight. wasnt too bad just long we had a good tank. thanks everyone.

06-05-05 - Lessw got his Signet of Might

after many days of caming in Pofire and doing some shouting i got a tell from Caolen in Pofire. that they had a Hope Stone Rotting. i go to loot it and then a few mins later im in PoK doing hand in for ...

05-22-05 - Lessw Expert Tailor!

Finally farmed Rockhoppers enough and got 242 then did the arctic wyvern i had in the bank. and got up to 250 tailoring.  so just a litle more farming to get the last 2 points from velious tailoring and the long impossible road to 300 tailoring awaits me. Special thanks to Sandy for all her help with hides and farming Rockhoppers with me.

04-26-05 - Trade Skill up Guides being added

i decided a while back i wanted to make up Skill up Guides for every trade skill., well im starting to add them in now. Hope u Like them - decided a while back to make up Skill up Guide for every trade skill., well im starting to add them in now. Hope u Like them

04-24-05 - Lessw is NOT leaving

after taking Quitting EQ for a hole 2 days. i came  back!
 i spent some time thinking why i play EQ, and it cus i like grouping and raiding and interacting with the people in game
and with the server merger coming so soon ( 04-28-05 ) i went ahead and renewed my accounts and will not be going anywhere.
however i will be cutting back on my game hours a bit.




Group DPS chart Made with Yalp 2.4


I used to own and run Payless Computers 


Less3D's Teamspeak Page



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