Less3D's custom UI  and how to

Picks of my UI: Spell Book - Tracking - Group, Player Window - Target Window - InventoryBooks


DOWNLOAD - 08-01-04 - Lessw UI Skin

Download WinRAR if you need to unzip this file and dont already use something 

Save the Sip File to your My Documents or Desktop. or some where where u will know where it is and be able to find it



go to this directory inside your  EverQuest directory

Double click on UIfiles


now make a new folder

and rename it to Lessw 

then Double click on it and open it

now you should have something that Looks like this...

now copy all the Files from the zip file into the Lessw Folder  so it Looks like this...

if your window Looks like this then your done. just go to EQ and 

Click on Load UI Skin


Click on Lessw ( or what ever else u named it )

Then click Load Skin

wait 10 to 40 sec and if all went well your done

TADA!!!! your done


If you have any problems, questions, or Suggestions with this UI: please Email me 

i don't help with trouble shooting on how to install the UI if you cant figure out how to use a Zip file or where you EverQuest Directory is then ask some one else