BoT key

Entrance to Bastion of Thunder
Character Flags

You will gain a Charm upgrade and AA from this quest.

This quest ONLY flags ONE character for Bastion of Thunder.


Askr the Lost: by the back of the cave in Plane of Storms 

Loc: (-1257, -2584) 

this NPC is located by the exit out to PoTranquility

you can see the tree you click on to exit PoStorms in the picture above 


NOTE: i recommend reading this entire quest walk though at least 1 time to get a quick understanding of what all is needed, as all of the quest's 3 steps can be worked on at the same time. 

[Thu Jun 10 04:27:06 2004] You say, 'Hail, Askr the Lost'
[Thu Jun 10 04:27:07 2004] Askr looks up at you and when he does, you take note of the scraggly beard on his weather-worn face; the scent of ale permeates your senses and pushes you to look away slightly. In an apparent drunken stupor, Askr begins to speak with surprising clarity. 'Here to wash the windows and clean the flooring, are you? No? Well, you can't be much help then. And the likes of you obviously wouldn't be able to get rid of the massive problem we're having. Bah, says I. You can help me no more than any of these other vagrants. Leave me alone to my ale and my misery.'

[Thu Jun 10 04:27:19 2004] You say, 'What problem?'
[Thu Jun 10 04:27:19 2004] Askr points drunkenly towards the exit of the cave. 'Have you not seen the foul denizens of destruction outside? Hrmph! Going everywhere they please, pillaging, plundering. . . I'm lucky to have survived this long. Bah, it doesn't matter, there's nothing that anyone can do to stop them, and that is why I'm still stuck here with my *hic* potions.'

[Thu Jun 10 04:27:26 2004] You say, 'Hail, Askr the Lost'
[Thu Jun 10 04:27:26 2004] Askr the Lost says 'Did you not hear me? If you're not here to help, then go elsewhere. I am so very busy. . . busy with ale, busy with misery. . . hah, that rhymed!'

[Thu Jun 10 04:27:34 2004] You say, 'Hail, Askr the Lost'
[Thu Jun 10 04:27:34 2004] Askr raises an eyebrow your way, as though he is becoming slightly irritated by your constant babble. He goes back to his drinking with hopes that you'll leave him alone long enough to drink in peace.

[Thu Jun 10 04:27:42 2004] You say, 'Hail, Askr the Lost'

[Thu Jun 10 04:27:46 2004] You say, 'Hail, Askr the Lost'


To prove yourself to Askr, You must obtain a head from ANY storm giant in the zone and give it to Askr the Lost

 /ooc "when looking to get head from Giants in PoStorms. it is best to cast GROW on yourself first, this way the giants don't have to bend down quite so far. :-D"


Give: Askr the Lost "Storm Giant Head"
[Thu Jun 10 04:38:31 2004] The drunken stupor that Askr had been in earlier appears to vanish in an instant; a glimmer of hope now flashes in the depths of his eyes. 'This is the head of a giant. . . a storm giant from outside the caves.' Askr ponders what this revelation could mean. He mutters to himself, 'If it is possible that someone has indeed bested a giant here in the planes, then perhaps it is possible. . .' He looks back at you very sternly and asks, 'Tell me now and be truthful, was it you who severed the head of this giant from his body?'
[Thu Jun 10 04:38:31 2004] You gain party experience!!
Receive: Storm Giant Head -- ( different LORE, you cant keep turning it in ) 


[Thu Jun 10 04:39:44 2004] You say, 'it was me'
[Thu Jun 10 04:39:45 2004] Askr the Lost says 'Truly, I am amazed that someone of your caliber was able to do what I could not. I have been stuck in these desolate caves for so long, I had almost lost hope that I would ever find a way to get rid of those accursed giants. But you. . . you have been able to best at least one of them. It is reasonable to suggest that if you are able to dispatch one, you may be able to dispatch others. I need to know for sure if you are as capable an individual as it appears you are. This is very important, so are you paying attention?'

[Thu Jun 10 04:41:48 2004] You say, 'yes i am paying attention'
[Thu Jun 10 04:41:49 2004] Askr the Lost says 'This place was once beautiful and serene, with the great Karana's showers falling day and night soothing the lands and the creatures that inhabit it. Alas, there was an invasion of a superior force -- the storm giants which you have encountered. They laid waste to the lands, burned down trees, and have caused so much havoc I don't even know what is to become of it. Originally, they came as one group and crossed the breadth of the land pillaging and plundering all that they could find. Over time, though, they grew apart and distinct factions grew around Mount Grenidor.' [continue]

[Thu Jun 10 04:42:04 2004] You say, 'continue'
[Thu Jun 10 04:42:04 2004] Askr the Lost says 'To the south of Grenidor lay Srerendi, Shores of the Lost and the Srerendi storm giants. Born of the ocean and the cool air, they lay claim to the shores and the plains inland as their own. To the west of Grenidor lay Krendic, Sands of Chaos and the Krendic storm giants. They have skin that is thick as dirt and blend in well with their surroundings. To the north of the great mount lay Kelek`Vor, the Forest of Tears and the Kelek`Vor storm giants. They are born of the wood and take great pleasure in seeing it used to their own purposes.' [continue]

[Thu Jun 10 04:42:10 2004] You say, 'continue'
[Thu Jun 10 04:42:11 2004] Askr the Lost says 'I must know if you are truly capable of defeating the storm giants that abound here. To do this, you must slay one of each of the three factions and return to me something specific to each tribe: from the Srerendi storm giants, return their shorn beard; from the Krendic storm giants, a piece of their rocky carcass; from the Kelek`Vor storm giants, the crest from their warrior garments. These three items will ensure that you indeed do have the ability to defeat the foul denizens that have seized control of these lands. When you have acquired the three of these items, seal them in this bag and return them to me, so that I know that you are indeed capable of fulfilling a hero's destiny.'
You GET a "Askr's bag of Verity" ( 4 Slot container )


Combine in the bag; put all 3 of the following 
Storm Volaas Beard ( From any normal Ocean Giant )
Storm Saarid Bone ( From any normal Desert Giant )
Storm Satuur Sash ( From any normal Forest Giant )

collecting these pieces can be done with a single group or duo depending on classes.
Drop rates on these pieces are about 1 in 6 id say. maybe more maybe less, but that's pretty close


[Thu Jun 10 04:49:00 2004] You have fashioned the items together to create something new!
You MAKE "Askr's Sealed Bag of Verity"


Give: Askr's Sealed Bag of Verity to Askr the Lost 
[Thu Jun 10 04:51:48 2004] Askr looks over the remnants of the storm giants in his hands then looks up at you with a glimmer of hope in his eyes. 'Then it's true! You have the means to push back the scourge of giants. . . you must go forth to the Bastion of Thunder and finish there what you have started here. It is imperative that you clear the forces of giants from the Bastion so that order can be restored to the thunderous reaches beyond.'
[Thu Jun 10 04:51:48 2004] You have received a character flag!
[Thu Jun 10 04:51:48 2004] You gain experience!!

[Thu Jun 10 04:52:30 2004] You say, 'what bastion of thunder'
[Thu Jun 10 04:52:30 2004] Askr the Lost says 'To be honest, I cannot say that it is entirely possible, what with the ferocity of the giants and their reluctance to leave the lands they now inhabit. From what I do know, each of the Leaders of each tribe has one piece to allow entrance into the Bastion of Thunder. When two of these pieces are combined, they form an esoteric medallion that allows instant passage to the thunderous plains beyond. If you can find and seal two pieces of the medallion in this bag, I will be able to forge them into the medallion that will help you on your journey.'
You GET a "Askr's bag of Verity"

Collect ( ANY 2 of the following 3 medalions )
Esoteric Medallion ( From either of the 2 Named Ocean Giants )
Esoteric Medallion ( From the 2 Named Desert Giants )
Esoteric Medallion ( From the 2 Named Forest Giants )

When doing the Medallion farming bring a raid of 2 to 4 groups depending on how high your DPS / healers / tanks are. 

as each named giant always Drops 3 medallions and each camp has 2 giants. and theirs 6 giants in all if u did all 3 camps.
so 18 medallions in all and sense you only need 2 from any camp. if you distribute Loot correctly, u can flag 9 people per raid for BoT. Regular Giants have a Respawn of 1 hour and names have a respawn of 6 hours

Medalions from all 3 camps have the same name and look and are lore. but if you IDENTIFY the item you can figure out witch camp it came from if you are not sure witch you have


Combind in Askr's Bag of Verity any 2 of the Esoteric Medallion 
[Thu Jun 10 04:54:21 2004] You have fashioned the items together to create something new!

You MAKE "Esoteric Meld"





Give: Askr the Lost, "Esoteric Meld"
[Thu Jun 10 04:58:11 2004] The mystical medallion given to you by Askr settles around your neck and then disappears into nothingness. There is no call for alarm, for the medallion is now a part of your soul.
[Thu Jun 10 04:58:11 2004] Askr the Lost says 'You have retrieved the pieces! You are well on your way to pushing forth on your quest to return balance to the plains of thunder. The most difficult part lies before you. . . deep in the heart of Mount Grenidor, there is a tempest that rages on eternally. It is there that you must present your medallion to the skies above to be transported to the citadel of thunderous might. Take the medallion and go forth, then deliver these storm giants to their creator!'
[Thu Jun 10 04:58:11 2004] You have received a character flag!
[Thu Jun 10 04:58:11 2004] You gain experience!!


You can now destroy the Giant head, Askr the Lost gave back to you at the start of the quest


To complete your flag you must now zone into Bastion of Thunder through Plane of Storms. 
The zone-in for this is located through the cave in center area of the zone, by all the frogs  and a giant tornado.
Click on the tornado machine in the middle and you will zone into Bastion of Thunder. 
You can use invis to not get agro or have to fight the frogs.
    NOTE: if you do not have your PoJustice Trial complete yet . you will get message saying you lack the will to enter safely. simply do any PoJ trial and then try again once u have made sure your flags are in order with the seer.

[] An aura of soft light gleams around you as the shrine reacts to your Talisman of Thunderous Foyer and sends you forth into the mighty Bastion of Thunder.
[] You have entered Bastion of Thunder.

[Thu Jun 10 05:02:55 2004] Talisman of Thunderous Foyer


Once inside you see a familiar face...

[Fri Apr 25 01:09:34 2003] You say, 'Hail, Askr the Lost'
[Fri Apr 25 01:09:35 2003] Askr the Lost says 'You have returned to me, but for what purpose? You already have the way to the Bastion of Thunder, so please make haste there and rid the Bastion of those horrid storm giants! Only then may the balance that once ruled over these thunderous lands return to its rightful place.'

From then on you can zone in through Tranquility at the lightning orb behind Plane of Storms, in PoTranquility zone

Do not forget to get your Free aa from the Dwarf in PoK after you complete this quest.