HoH Key

Alternative entrance to Halls of Honor
Character Flags

 Quests Part 1

Box of Souls

Starts in: Plane of Knowledge

Find: Borik Darkanvil

say "what  Box of Souls"

Give: the following to Borik:
- Block of Prelium
- Crystaline Spider Brain
- An Agony Mephit Heart
- 3000pp 

Receive: Box of Souls (most of the time)


Box of Souls Combine in a Forge:  Block of Prelium  + Crystaline Spider Brain + An Agony Mephit Heart + Smitthy Hammer + Water Flask (was trivial at 190 skill).

yes a regular Water Flask works and a regular smithy hammer works

Receive Box of Souls

- Block of Prelium (rare from Plane of Innovation mobs) (random Mob)
- Crystaline Spider Brain (from name crystal spiders in Plane of Valor) (named Mob)
- An Agony Mephit Heart (from Agony Mephit in Plane of Nightmare) (named Mob)


 Quest Part 2 -- Grenic Drere’s quest

Grenic Drere: Located Left of Grave Yard (zone in) in Plane of Valor


Hail  and follow dialog to Complete the Box of Souls quest


In Plane of Justice, defeat 3 different "Tormented Wraiths"

Each has a chance to spawn “an exiled soldier / an exiled trooper / an exiled officer of marr”.  
Once you hand in the Box to the Exiled they do not despawn immediately
 so if 2 people where in this same camp together they both could do the quest at the same time, and only have to soawn the exiled 1 time total for several people

once you hand all a exiled  the Box of Souls, you will get the Box back and a soul stone.

once u get all 3 Stones collected in PoJ, Head back to PoV


Grenic Drere  Give: the 3 soul stones AND the box of souls to Grenic Drere 

 Receive: Ring of Marr, which is a key to access Halls of Honor



WOOT! your done!



Ring of Marr

WT: 0.2 Size: Tiny
Class: None
Race: None

Your group members get the Flag on their /KEY rings, but they do not get the Ring of Marr item