Alternative entrance to Plane of Tactics
Character Flags

This quest results in a medal that you can use to get into Tactics. 

Note, that while you can exp there, kill Tallon, Vallon, and Rallos Zek, your Zek flags won't allow you to advance to other zones without Behemoth flag from PoI

Wembly the Forlorn: Located in Plane of Storms
- he is near "Askr the Lost" at the back of the cave near the  zone out.

Loc -1140, -2450. 

Also you must be indifferent faction or better to start the quest. You can gain faction by killing giants in the zone. 

[Fri Apr 25 00:38:41 2003] You say, 'Hail, Wembly the Forlorn'
[Fri Apr 25 00:38:41 2003] Wembly the Forlorn grumbles under his breath, 'Yes, yes, I see you there. No need for you to shout I can see you just fine! Now, what was I saying? Yes that's right... let me know when you are [done].

[Fri Apr 25 00:39:00 2003] You say, 'done'
[Fri Apr 25 00:39:00 2003] Wembly the Forlorn says 'Yes done! Weren't you paying attention? Once you've gathered all the pieces of the [key] bring it to me and I'll put them back together for you.'

[Fri Apr 25 00:39:04 2003] You say, 'key'
[Fri Apr 25 00:39:08 2003] You say, 'what key'
[Fri Apr 25 00:39:08 2003] Wembly the Forlorn says 'THE Key, you really are as thick skulled as you look. You [agree to help] me and you aren't even paying attention.'

[Fri Apr 25 00:39:17 2003] You say, 'yes i agree to help'
[Fri Apr 25 00:39:17 2003] Wembly the Forlorn says 'You agree to help? Great! I haven't even told you what I needed yet, or why. It is very noble of you to offer me your assistance. I've been trapped here for a little too long, I washed up on the shore still [tied to the mast] of my ship. Wonder that I even survived the storm.'

[Fri Apr 25 00:39:40 2003] You say, 'what tied to the mast'
[Fri Apr 25 00:39:40 2003] Wembly the Forlorn says 'The Diaku Raiders, filthy sort if you ask me. I was out on a shipping run, when Diaku attacked, they pillaged all of my goods, then tied me to the mast and left me floating a sea. Then the storm came and ate my ship, and I woke up here, I swear that I saw some [Diaku] washed up on the shore with me.'

[Fri Apr 25 00:39:52 2003] You say, 'what Diaku'
[Fri Apr 25 00:39:52 2003] Wembly the Forlorn says 'The Diaku that attacked me! Pay attention for Karana's sake! You appear to be the fighting sort. You can help me kill the Diaku at their source in [Drunder].'

[Fri Apr 25 00:40:00 2003] You say, 'what Drunder'
[Fri Apr 25 00:40:00 2003] Wembly the Forlorn says 'Drunder! The Fortress of Zek, the Zeks don't trust any one mortal to have free access to the fortress. The Diaku come and go in fours, and four parts are needed for entry. Of course they won't part with them easily. If you find four, and bring me four, I can make the four into one, and with one, you can get into Drunder without three more. Then, with your one, you can kill all of them. I would do it myself, but with my bad knee and all. . .'

The diaku raiders are found in the desert side of PoStorms.
They are somewhat rare and do not always drop medallion pieces. Each piece of a medallion makes up one of the 4 corners. 

When you identify one, it will read as: "Top-left", "Top-right" , "Bottom-left", "Bottom-right". 

Once you have all four go back to Wembly the Forlorn and give him them - he will give you a "Completed Diaku Medallion". 

Now as long as you have that medallion on you, you can zone into Plane of Tactics.