Alternative entrance to Plane of Torment

Character Flags

This quest results in a Symbol of Torment which is also access to the Plane of Torment. 

Note, that while you can exp there, killing Saryn will not allow you to progress through the Planes of Power storyline without preliminary flags (Terris or Bertox). 

The quest is started in Plane of Tranquility at Sick Bay 

Loc: (-180, -1425)

 Find Phanti and Iramai Sacredsoul inside. 


[Fri Apr 25 22:13:29 2003] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Fri Apr 25 22:13:48 2003] You have entered Plane of Tranquility.

[Fri Apr 25 22:21:24 2003] You say, 'Hail, Iramai Sacredsoul'
[Fri Apr 25 22:21:24 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Oh, hello. I am sorry, I did not see you approach. I have been giving all of my attention to poor [Phanti] here.'

[Fri Apr 25 22:21:31 2003] You say, 'what Phanti'
[Fri Apr 25 22:21:31 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul says 'A few days ago Phanti started to get very ill, while she was preparing herself for another trip into [Saryrn's domain]. We are not sure exactly was caused her to fall into this malaise, although we do have our [suspicions].'

[Fri Apr 25 22:21:52 2003] You say, 'what Saryrn's Domain'
[Fri Apr 25 22:21:52 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Torment, the Plane of Pain. She was doing some research on the denizens there, should you [help] us, I could grant you and your companions entry. The key will not do Phanti any good for quite some time.'

[Fri Apr 25 22:21:56 2003] You say, 'what help'
[Fri Apr 25 22:22:04 2003] You say, 'i will help'
[Fri Apr 25 22:22:17 2003] You say, 'what Suspicions'
[Fri Apr 25 22:22:17 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Recently, the portal from the Plane of Disease has been unusually active. People have been reporting strange sounds from around the portal at night, and a few of our trackers have seen strange, almost rodent like, footprints. Our best guess is that one of the denizens of the Plane of Disease managed to make its way into our plane. If this is true, it may explain the unnaturally quick manifestation of the disease. Perhaps, the bile from one of the rodents will help us learn of the cause, and hopefully a cure.'

The bile she speaks of drops off of a rat in Plane of Disease named Rythak. From the entrance of the rat cave, turn left at the first big room and he is just past the exit of that tunnel and does not drop it every time. 

go collect and Give Iramai Sacredsoul the bile
[Sat Apr 19 12:51:50 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul pours the bile into a small flask, there is a puff of green smoke, which turns white as it floats into the sky. 'This is good news. It appears that this is the cause for her disease, but I have neither the tools, nor the knowledge to create a cure. There is rumor of an indigo orc who may prove useful to us in this area, but he is imprisoned in the Plane of Justice. Ask him about rare diseases. He was known to have cured many, prior to his imprisonment.
[Sat Apr 19 12:51:50 2003] You gain party experience!!
You Receive 'Purified Bubonian Bile'


The "Indigo Orc" is located east Mavuin in Plane of Justice. 

Loc: +119, +758, -29

You need skill 100 in Orcish. 

You need AMIABLE or better Faction 
( You can NOT charm him instead )

[Thu May 15 20:42:16 2003] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Thu May 15 20:42:39 2003] You have entered Plane of Justice.

[Thu May 15 20:34:23 2003] Brugga judges you amiably -- You could probably win this fight.
[Thu May 15 20:43:52 2003] You say, 'Hail, Brugga'
[Thu May 15 20:43:52 2003] Brugga says,in Orcish, 'Ragh!' His eyes you with pure hatred. 'Indigo, my dark bowels. . . treachery it is, treachery against the clan. Gharol paid! Paid for it!' He shows you his hands and grins maliciously. 'Paid, he did!'

[Thu May 15 20:44:47 2003] You say in Orcish, 'what rare diseases'
[Thu May 15 20:44:47 2003] Brugga snorts. 'You have someone that needs killing, or someone that needs saving? It not matter to Brugga, but you smell of a hero, so Brugga think there someone need saving. Well Brugga have time, so you give Brugga the disease and Brugga see.'

Give Brugga the 'Purified Bubonian Bile'
[Thu May 15 20:45:13 2003] Brugga dips his finger into the flask and tastes the liquid, 'Hmm, someone start work on this already and it still vile. This nothing that Brugga have trouble to cure, we just need stronger toxins to drive this one back. Brugga need a gnome made crawlerpoison, a venom sack from the Terror Matriarch, and the stinger from a Nettling Wraith, Brugga make you a cure.'
You Receive the 'Purified Bubonian Bile' back

Go collect and Give Brugga the following...



- The Mechanical Clockwork Venom Drops off defective clockworks 
in Plane of Innovation. 

- The Terror Matriarch Vennom Sack drops off Terror Matriarch 
in Plane of Nightmare- a 3 day spawn - that spawns in the spider camp, you will need about 2 to 3 groups for this encounter.  (She drops 4 at a time)

- The Nettiling Wraith Stinger drops off Nettling Wraiths 
in Plane of Nightmares.

[Thu May 15 20:45:55 2003] Brugga says,in Orcish, 'Yes, Brugga work with this.' Brugga chants and makes strange gestures while mixing the objects in his mortar and pestle. 'Ok, Brugga finished now. You have your cure, give cure with the bile and that will heal. You go now, Brugga done talking.'
You Receive  'Vile of Opaque Fluid'

Return to sick bay in Tranquility

Loc: (-180, -1425)

[Thu May 15 20:48:07 2003] LOADING, PLEASE WAIT...
[Thu May 15 20:48:28 2003] You have entered Plane of Tranquility.

Give Iramai Scredsoul, 'Vile of Opaque Fluid' and 'Purified Bubonian Bile'

[Fri May 16 00:26:18 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul says 'Hmm, it looks like I will need both the cure and the purified bile in order to heal Phanti.'
[Fri May 16 00:26:18 2003] Symbol of Torment has been added to your key ring.
[Fri May 16 00:26:18 2003] Your group has had keys added to their keyrings!
[Fri May 16 00:26:18 2003] Iramai Sacredsoul says 'You've done it! Praise the Tranquil! I can already see Phanti's condition improving. Take these, Phanti is not going to be doing any planar exploration any time soon. She was planning on using them to bring her research party into Torment, make good use of them, and stay safe. Thank you again for your help.'
[Fri May 16 00:26:18 2003] You gain party experience!!
[Fri May 16 00:26:18 2003] Phanti Sacredsoul stops sweating and a little color returns to her cheeks as Iramai pours the liquid into her mouth.
You Receive 'Symbol of Torment'


[Fri May 16 00:26:26 2003] Phanti's medallion allows passage into Torment, the Plane of Pain.


Symbol of Torment

WT: 0.2 Size: Tiny
Class: None
Race: None

Your group members get the Flag on their /KEY rings, but they do not get the Symbol of Torment item